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Doug Dorst retweeted this picture (tweeted originally by the Cincinnati Public Library). That and a possible clue from the Mckay’s Magazine review of Ship of Theseus has spawned one reader to visit the New York Public Library tomorrow to see if she can find a post-production insert for “S.” in an old and hard-to-find-book. I can’t wait to hear the results of her experience.

While we wait for those results, I have an idea of what Doug Dorst may have meant here, over and above what may await us in that dusty old book at the NYPL.

I do think we are getting a clue that other books may give us insights into what “S.” is all about. I also think there is one specific book that may tell us a lot. While researching a particular footnote in Ship of Theseus, I stumbled onto a novel I never knew existed. I delved into it further and decided it was definitely an influence on “S.” I was so intrigued that I bought the book and started reading it. Now I’m even more convinced that this book is a major source of inspiration for “S.” and that it introduces a paradigm that is key to understanding where we are all headed into this experience. It is a game changer.

What is the book? And what is that footnote? I can’t say. Yet. I need to finish that book, do some ruminating, and then blog the revelation – hopefully by the end of the weekend.  In the meanwhile, I will leave you with my own attempt at an Abramesque clue…

The way you test the man is to ask particular things twice.
When the hearing is forged, grasp and heed.


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