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On April 10th at 8:14pm GMT, user @mcrinitus posted this picture of p268 of The Winged Shoes of Emydio Alves.


This page is referenced in Ship of Theseus on p xiv of the foreword. Jen writes…

This phrase is in Coriolis (p. 464). And in Winged Shoes (p. 268).

“This phrase” refers to the quote “is unwavering, from first to last.”

Also, note the first words: “The statues looked down on him.” Did Emydio Alves jump with his valise from the Charles Bridge? This is the same bridge that Vaclav Straka jumped from on October 30, 1910, as indicated by the insert on p69 – the newspaper clipping of Lampa. Interestingly (someone else pointed this out to me), p268 in Ship of Theseus has a margin note from Jen Hewyard that says…

Vaclav Straka was alive.

@mcrinitus posted this page apparently as a reward for the solution to his rail fence cipher, also posted today. @MrToasty is the apparent first person to solve it completely. The solution is…

The Caduceus gives life to those that are dead, but it stands for so much more.
Who is Emydio Alves?

@0bfusc8 was nice enough to post this picture showing the cipher and its solution…