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Today, p236 of A Miracle at Braxenolm (V.M. Straka’s first novel) surfaced. If you want to read more about who provided it and the secret code deciphered to get it, read all about it at SFiles22. What follows here is an interpretation of the text of this new piece of the puzzle.

It appears the main character’s name is Eule (which means owl). He is in the catacombs beneath the city of Braxenholm after the new streetlights have provided light to the city. Above there is celebration in the light. Below, Eule feels his way through the dark catacombs in search of his way. Someone called the shadow man is toying with him – throwing rocks and making sounds to mislead him. Eule wanders around in circles and fights to control his panic.

Then, he remembers Soare (which means sun). She is his focal point, the guide by which he has moved since she pulled him from the ocean.

What begins at the water shall end there
And what ends there shall once more begin

There is mention of a ship called the Ariadne. Ariadne, in Greek mythology, is the woman who provided Theseus with a sword and spool of thread. Theseus used the sword to kill the minotaur and he used the thread as a trail to lead him out of the labyrinth once he had done son.

The Ship of Ariadne. The Ship of Theseus.

In one of the alternate versions for Chapter 10S. is surrounded by threads while in the labyrinth of Vevoda’s wine cellars. The threads seem to represent choicesS. struggles to determine how to find and hold onto the right thread. He releases the thread that leads to Vevoda and instead grasps with all his might for the one that leads to Sola.

Compare this to S.‘s experience on Obsidian Island as he speaks with The Lady on p287-288.

“You have choices to make.”
“I’ve heard that before,” he replies, though his mouth is closed and the words exist only as thought. “It hasn’t been true yet.”
“You have them. And they are about how, and even whether, you will live.”

“Which of the choices takes me to her?”
“Maybe none. Maybe all. There’s no way to say in advance… Mind the time.”

S.’s choices – his threads – are before him. There is no doubt. And the right thread leads him to Sola.

Shortly before twitter user @mcrinitus revealed this new page, he pointed us to an old broadcast of Radio Straka, hinting that we have missed a key clue in this transmission. In addition to other things in this broadcast, the narrator brings us the story of the labyrinth with Theseus and Ariadne.

The Ship of Ariadne. The Ship of Theseus.

Somewhere in this new page and perhaps this Radio Straka broadcast is a clue that gives us a hint of which thread to follow to lead us out of the darkness and into the light. Even the word clue derives itself from this spool of thread. Do you see the clue?