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Today, @EricHusch appears to have met with what he originally thought was a member of SERIN. He relayed the entire story to @JenTheUndergrad. The meeting took place at 1900 hours (7pm ET) at the Flushing Meadows – Corona Park in Queens, NY, on the 75th anniversary of the World’s Fair in NYC. The person that Eric met with…

  • Carried an old valise
  • Had a copy Compendium of Birds by P.T. Russell
  • Gave a new, yet-to-be-revealed alternative ending to Chapter 10 of Ship of Theseus to join the others (v.288)
  • Had an apparent copy of The Archer’s Tales, with a look promised to Eric if he could help identify Straka’s real ending
  • Quoted T.S. Eliot “April is the cruelest month”
  • Referenced Archimedes’ Lever
  • Claimed he was not with SERIN
  • Implied that @MCrinitus is with SERIN
  • Indicated he knew Jen and threatened them both to cease contact with SERIN and Crinitus – reminding Eric of the torn page in his pocket from April 28



The normally quiet and otherwise innocuous twitter accounts of @EricHusch and @JenTheUndergrad erupted this past week with a —conversation indicating the Eric received more money from SERIN and a single round-trip ticket to NYC for next Monday, April 28. It looks like something may be happening. Given the recent clues about the valise stolen from FXC at Grand Central Terminal prior to 1949, it could be that we get a peek inside!

In addition, many S. bloggers (myself not included), recently received a MulHolland Books “S. Reading Group Kit.” You can see the contents for those who posted them here (if I missed links to your kit let me know)…

Some of the postcards appear to be those that Brazil distributed at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. Interesting.

Next Wednesday, April 30, is the 75th Anniversary of the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. And Eric Husch is leaving Prague on April 28, courtesy of the Serin Institute, to come to New York City.

This means Eric will likely be in town on the anniversary. Will he meet someone on April 30 on the old fairgrounds, now Flushing Meadows Corona Park? Perhaps at the (former) sight of the sundial (link courtesy of @JillAggieArg)?

Surely it is no coincidence that the press kits pointing to the 1939 World’s Fair in NYC, the 75th anniversary next week, and Eric Husch’s trip to NYC next week all occur so close together?

To make it even more interesting, the fairgrounds were built on the site of a vast ash dump. If Eric does go there next week on the anniversary, it would be an Ash Wednesday of sorts. 🙂



It appears that Eric has arrived in NYC today – April 28. Someone put a crumpled page from Ship of Theseus in his pocket at the airport (p155-156) with a single set of margin notes…

Flushing Meadows

This seems to indicate that Eric is to meet with someone (SERIN?) in the park at 7pm ET Wednesday, April 30th.

April 29 was an oddly uneventful day. No meetings with SERIN. Eric checked in with Jen via twitter since his phone is apparently unable to call Prague. He checked in from Grand Central, the New York Public Library, Bryant Park (next to the library), Washington Square Park, and Little Italy. Not sure if this is a way to kill time or walk us through Straka-related items? Washington Square Park is right next to Washington & Greene Streets – a nod to the titular 11th book by V.M. Straka. Is it also a reference to The Square (Straka’s 3rd book?) His trip to Grand Central could refer to The Winged Shoes of Emydio Alves since the GCT has a statue of Mercury on top. The library? Maybe this hearkens back to Doug Dorst’s tweet that the answers we seek may be found at the library.

Tomorrow seems to be the big day – but not until 7pm ET (1900 hours). What will Eric be doing until then? What will happen at the meeting in Flushing Meadows?