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Here are interesting and seemingly intentional juxtapositions of the valise in S. with time

  • Just before S and Stenfalk ascend the limestone wall near the cave of the K__, Corbeau looks down at them from above. Stenfalk urges her to stop wasting timethen says I’ll carry the valise when we go up. (p163)
  • awakes in the middle of the night in the cave, realizing the he has left the valise at the base of the limestone wall. He knows he should get up and deal with this issue, but instead, the water drops in the cave lull him back to sleep that same dripping, steady as Time itself, lulls him (with his pounding heart and his curdled sense of shame) back into unconsciousness before he can decide what, if anything, to do about his mistake. (p170)
  • As Corbeau and flee Vevoda’s detectives in the cave, they approach an opening far above the ocean waters below. The pitch black is now invaded by a small source of light. S stares at Corbeau’s outline, realizing light is now present. Corbeau says Stop looking at me. There’s no time. The very next words that are spoken are Corbeau’s again, as she realizes where she has seen the S symbol before. It was on Stenfalk’s valise, she says. (p194-195)
  • Before S receives the valise from Abdim in the storehouse in El H__, he is having a conversation with Khatef Zelh. Osfour, impatient with the seemingly unnecessary delay, says Time. TIME. Immediately, Abdim’s footfalls are heard and the valise arrives. (p245)
  • As S attempts to escape El H__, he is attacked. The valise drops from his grip and yawns open, spilling its contents into the street.  As this happens, here time turns sluggish, comes nearly to a stopS’s point of view reveals his slow motion contemplation of this event. How interesting, he things, that time is running so slowly for him right here, on this path, slower than elsewhere in this city, and a thousand times slower than on the ship, where years pass like weeks. What a revelation, to be shown-to be reminded-that time is so flexible, so adaptable, so idiosyncratic. (p254)