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Daily Pronghorn - Wenke

Kimmy Schuerman – Assistant News Editor

THE PHILOSOPHY Department welcomes Professor Marvin M. Wenke of Stennett University, who will spend this semester at PSU as the Sumbridge Distinguished Visiting Professor of Humanities. Prof. Wenke won the prestigious 2011 MacInnes Philosophy Prize for his book Are You a Torus? Shapes of Self, in which he argued that personal identity is best understood as a construct of geometry rather than language. “My work is both groundbreaking and foundational,” he told the Daily Pronghorn in an email. “There’s simply nothing that can accurately be said or written about who one ‘is.’ We are shapes, pure and simple – polytopes, curves, and surfaces, etc., etc. Really, a child could understand this.”

Prof. Wenke will teach PHIL 183 (Modalities of Self). He will also give three lectures that will be open to the general public.