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In the wake of last semester’s scandal about non-human grade beef being used by food concessionaires in Boyle Memorial Student Union, PSU Food Service has voluntarily agreed to help reevaluate the integrity of Prairie Majesty Fine Institutional Dining Supply’s supply chain. Prairie Majesty, it was revealed in a Pronghorn expose in November, through a complex network of wholly-owned subsidiaries, operates all food concessions on campus except for Pronghorn Java, Flipping’ Good, and Tikka Town, which will remain independent until their leases expire.

“We believe in Prairie Majesty and its fine-institutional-dining affiliates” said PSU Food Services Director George Jurick, “and they have been responsive to all of our concerns. The correction and remediation of any errors, oversights, or misjudgments that have occurred in the past is looked forward to and anticipated by all parties. We have a duty to provide Pollard State University’s students with nourishment of the highest quality while maintaining cost-certainty in regards to our expenses.”

When asked if the university was contemplating legal action against is food supplier, Mr. Jurick had no comment. He also declined to discuss student concerns about a private company’s having a monopoly over such a lucrative part of the internal economy of a public institution.

Not all students were concerned about the low-grade beef or Food Service’s domination by Prairie Majesty. “Who cares?” said freshman Stosh Szymczak. “Put some bacon on your damn cheeseburger and it’ll taste just fine.” Others, though, are looking for ways to take action…

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