His accent is a strange thing—
it seems not to issue from a specific place
but instead is ladled up from
a transoceanic stew of dictions and impediments.

Sometimes what Maelstrom says is difficult to understand. Sometimes not. Below is an attempt to properly translate his transoceanic stew of dictions and impediments into modern day English. Comments and corrections are welcome.


You. S__.
You. S__.

Int mine.
It’s not mine.

Dun ten’ a name.
Doesn’t have a name.

Dun once haps. Dunt n’more.
It had one once. It doesn’t any more.

Ridden o’ mine. They ridden o’  tharn. Names’s trouble.
I’ve gotten rid of my name. They’ve gotten rid of theirs. Names are trouble.

We’ve ‘structs to take y’.
We have instructions to take you.

Take y’.
Take you.

No where.

Int na captain.
There isn’t a captain.

Int na captain. ‘S us. We viv the ship. Do what’s needin.
There isn’t a captain. It’s just us. We [viv?] the ship. We do what is necessary.


Ye’ll work t’ lapsing and ‘yond. Creed on’t.
You’ll work until you’ve run out of energy and beyond. Believe it.

Int no spondin’ tha’.
There’s no responding to that.

Cause cant nobod spend it.
Because nobody can respond to that.

Landways voxin tha’ Sola gotter shine wi’ ye.
On land there’s talk that Sola has taken a shine with you.


Fool. Yer assin mayed a’flammus t’the waterline
Fool. Your arsing around might o’ flamed us (burnt the boat) to waterline 

Y’aint coggin naught, are ye?
You’re not thinking at all, are you?


Rise y’ proper, Sunnydags.
Rise ye proper, Sunnydags.

We’re nigh to nudgin y’ship. Ye’ll want t’ viz it, asure.
We’re just about to nudge your ship. You’ll want to see it for sure.


Lad oughta et the monk’. Weepin hearts don’ lass aseas.
The boy should have eaten the monkey. Weeping hearts don’t last at sea.

Dint I jus’ ware y’ on weepin hearts?
Didn’t I just warn you about weeping hearts.

He migh’ still ha’ som t’give.
He might still have something to give.

Y’ought be more heedin where y’put y’spires. Misprendins a finn way a’get y’proper dead.
You ought to be more careful where you put your [spires?] [Misprendins?] a fine way to get you killed.


Vizz we hookt one ugger rough-fish? We’ve the bless o’ th’ damnt, we do.
It looks like we hooked one [ugger-rough?] fish. We have the blessing of the damned, we do.

Wellvenoo, sunnydags. Rise y’proper.
Welcome, Sunnydags. Rise ye proper.


Ye’ve got questions. ’m I right?
You’ve got questions. Am I right?

Y’swam righ’ up to us.
You swam right up to us.

Yer makin’ ’sumptions, Sunshine.
You’re making assumptions, Sunshine.

I don’ mean y’ one thing or ’nother, All I mean’s t’steer the ship.
I don’t mean you one thing or another. All I mean is to steer the ship.

Keep y’ gratitude. Got no need ’f it.
Keep your gratitude. I have no need of it.

Ye’d know well as I do.
You would know as well as I do.

B’lieve what y’want to b’lieve.
Believe what you want to believe.

Aye. Tha’ was ’is primmin time inna way-deep.
Yes. That was his primming-time in the way-deep.

Tha’s na’ f’you t’cog.
That’s not for you to understand.

Y’ part o’ th’ tradition, now, son. Part o’ th’ tradition.
You’re part of the tradition, now, son. Part of the tradition.


Course ye’ll be taken aterra. Whole reason we sailt ’ere.
Of course you’ll be taken to land. That’s the whole reason we sailed here.

Ye’ll ha’ two glasses t’do wha’ needs done. Then ye’ll be rowed back.
You’ll have two glasses (hours) to do what needs to be done. Then you’ll be rowed back.

Cause y’ die ’f ye don’t. Vévoda cogs yer vennin.
Because you’ll die if you don’t. Vevoda understands your [Vennin?]

Ye’d best na’ be defacin’ our ship, Sunshine.
You’d best not be defacing our ship, Sunshine.

Got t’ respect ’er, trait ’er like a frag a’ y’self. She’s wha’s carrickin us.
You’ve got to respect her, treat her like a part of yourself. She’s what’s [carricking?] us.

Y’are. And ye’ll be hap to.
You are. And you’l be happy to.

Y’ might, if y’ mean to.
You might if you mean to. OR You might if you’re meant to.


Naught a’vex ye, sunnydags.
There’s nothing should be bothering you, sunnydags.

Crew’s acrew. Size assize.
A crew is a crew. A size is a size.

Less y’coggin, the better. F’all of us.
The less you are thinking, the better – for all of us.

My working are topside. Same yours.
My work is up here – same as yours.

Better y’not vex y’self on what aint y’vexes. And y’prefer shacklin, we can range’t.
It’s better if you don’t let yourself be bothered with things you shouldn’t be bothered with. And if you prefer being shackled, we can arrange that.

Places t’go. Wunt do f’you getting theres all dead.
Places to go. It won’t do if you get there and you’re dead and all.

Stories, mos’.
Stories, mostly.

Aware y’self, Sunshines. What’s vizzin’ help aint alls help.
Wake up (be aware of yourself). What’s looks like help may not be help.

Of course.

Cant say. Dun cog th’ landways, and I amn’t in y’nog neither, am I?
I can’t say. I don’t understand what happens on land, and I’m not in your head either, am I?

What I cog abou’ time’s I got n’more f’you.
What I understand about time – I have no more for you.


Nah. Y’workins ou’ there.
No. You’re work is out there.

Cambin plans. Y’got t’viz the Lady now.
Change in plans. You’ve got to visit the Lady now.

Dunt y’wish. Move y’self. Time’s scortin.
Don’t you wish. Move yourself. Time is of the essence.


Ah, hell. It dint ness t’go li’ this.
Ah, hell. It didn’t have to go like this.


Innt no rest f’the damned.
There isn’t any rest for the damned.


That’s the world burning, sunnydags.
That’s the world burning, sunnydags.

Time a times. Nev’ like this.
A few times. Never like this.


All y’gots a crypty frag some Agent baits y’with.
All you have is a cryptic fragment that some Agent has baited you with.

Vizz aroun’, sunnydags. Smelt smoke. Pull y’digits ou’ yer ears. Int no time f’excursin allwheres jus’ so y’can solve y’self.
Look around, sunnydags. Smell that smoke. Pull your fingers out of your ears. There is no time for your excursions everywhere just so you can solve yourself.

They’re in. Aint tract us yet, bu’ they’re in.
They’re in. They haven’t tracked us yet, but they’re in.

Where vessels li’ us were formered safe.
Where vessels like ours used to be safe.

Means’ll be comin in offer an’ longer. Traction’ us closer.
It means they will be coming in more often and for longer. Tracking us closer.

Damt if we’re goin down full up.
Damned if we are going down with a full load.

Droppin y’ in the Territs onna way. Dunt mean y’won. Just safer y’plain-sight y’self landways, till we get th’ lay.
Dropping you in the Territory on the way. That doesn’t mean you won. It just means it is safer if you plain-sight yourself on the land until we get the lay (of the land).