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In LOST, Charlie Hieronymus Pace is a member of a band called Drive Shaft. Both Charlie’s middle name and the name of his band point to Hieronymus Cardanus – the inventor of the Cardan Shaft, also known as the drive shaft.

J.J. Abrams seems obsessed with the drive shaft, because it is referenced in “S” as well in much the same way – through a name.

In “S”, we have a mysterious author of The Archer’s Tales named Archimedes de Sobreiro. The word sobreiro means cork tree. In 1665, a man named Robert Hooke was first to discover cells when looking at thin slices of cork from the sobreiro through his crude compound microscope. And what else did Robert Hooke do? Plenty, and much of it resonates with themes in “S”.

Robert Hooke directly connects us to Archimedes and sobreiro. He also connects us to LOST and time and memory and gravity and planetariums and potential energy.

I think there is more to learn from Robert Hooke. Would love to hear your thoughts on this new avenue of exploration.

UPDATE: Proceed to the sequel with much more information about Robert Hooke.