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From Eric’s postcard to Jen, inserted between pages 

Here are a few very interesting things to point out about where Eric Husch found Filomela Fabregas Caldeira.

  • Marau, Brazil, lies at coordinates 14S, 39W – corresponding to EOTVOS wheel letters LONOE. These letters correctly complete the missing letters from the Chapter 10 Cipher, specifically FN6. FN6 indicates we should dial in Calais, France, which produces XBTUP, but that doesn’t work in the cipher solution. It appears FXC was leaving a clue for the possibly-still-living VMS to come find her in Brazil.
  • Marau, Brazil is also known as San Sebastian of Marau. Saint Sebastian makes at least two important appearances in “S” and hails from LOST as well.
  • The name San Sebastian of Marau was given by capuchin monks. In Portugal, there is the Convent of the Cork – home to capuchin monks – where the buildings are largely made of sobreiro.