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If you haven’t already seen the Jen Heyward tumblr blog, take a look. Take a close look. There are more clues there than just the original ending to Chapter 10.

My friend Mike, aka @anabramsfan, pointed out to me that in Jen’s screenshot of the VMS ending to Ship of Theseus, there was a window opened behind that one and you could see some text and what looked like a photograph. He also pointed out you could see the cover of The Winged Shoes of Emydio Alves. You can only see thin slivers of these things, but he was right – something was definitely there.

Here is the first screenshot. Notice on the right that you can see a large vertical slice of the cover of The Winged Shows of Emydio Alves. The slice on the left is very thin, and you can only see a few letters. Not much to give you a clue as to what you are looking at.


In the third screenshot, however, the top window shifts, reducing the amount we see of Winged Shoes and giving as a much larger slice of the left side of the window underneath.

tumblr_n1j17jwmdB1smaotoo4_1280Study it carefully. There is text – white letters on a dark background – for the top 2/3 of our slice. Then there is what Mike pointed out looks like some sort of photograph. Then below the photograph, a little more text.

Now take a look at this screenshot, taken from the website EOTVOSWHEEL.com. Compare it to the vertical slice in the screenshot above. You will see that in the jenheyward tumblr blog screenshot, the visible portion of the photograph includes the lower back of the monkey and the podium on which he sits. You can also see the beginning of the word illness below the photograph, which corresponds to the EOTVOSWHEEL.com site as well.


So what we see is that Jen Heyward has a window open on her computer to EOTVOSWHEEL.COM as she is creating the screenshots to reveal the VMS ending to Ship of Theseus.

Ah, but is she just looking at the website or is there something more?

Take a look at the first screenshot again. Zoom in to the top right corner, which shows a portion of the toolbar above the cover of Winged Shoes. You will see an icon for MAC software that typically means, if I am not mistaken, edit or format.


It does not appear that Jen Heyward is viewing the EOTVOSWHEEL.com website. It appears that she is creating it – or at least editing it.

Did Jen and Eric make up the name J.W. Dominguez as an alias in order to post theories about V.M. Straka without having their own identities compromised? Does J.W. stand for Jen Heyward?

As Mike pointed out, the home page has a post that was erased [REDACTED] due to “cease and desist” orders. Mike suggests maybe Moody/Ilsa are the reason for this.

Another reason that Eric/Jen might be behind EOTVOSWHEEL.COM is this: further down the tumblr blog is this photograph…


Notice that Jen has, in the background of her photograph on the top right, a contact sheet of the four Havana photographs. They don’t just have single, printed copies from the website. They have either the original, or a copy, of the actual contact sheet from the negatives. But as we have seen, the Havana photographs are fake. Does this mean that Eric/Jen faked them and posted them on EOTVOSWHEEL.COM?

Also, on the left-hand side of the obituary is handwriting. You can see the name J.W. Dominguez and Eotvoswheel.com. Above both of those you can also see “Juri Mol” – a name which is cut off before we see the remainder. Is this Juri Moller, whose Pinterest page appears to be the Danish guy posting pictures of the S symbol as he finds them throughout the world – referred to in the marginalia of S?

And, newly discovered, if you take a look at the mostly-obscured front-page headline, there is a fascinating article hiding there.

Intriguing possibilities. What do you think?