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On the Jen Heward Tumblr blog, we find a copy in the canon of “S” referred to in Fn1, p259 used to solve the Chapter 7 cipher (see Fn5 and Jen’s marginalia on p263). Here is a helpful transcript (thanks @CFish6) if you would like to read the obituary.

The obituary is clearly a copy from the original newspaper. The column is oriented at 90-degrees from the newspaper’s title and the obituary likely was not on the front page. Something that was on the front page has been cut from view. However, if you look closely, you can discern the title of the lead story in the paper.


Tiny ‘Moons’ Circling Earth Proposed

The original article, written by William S. Barton, originated in the Los Angeles Times on February 3, 1946 as…

Tiny ‘Moons’ Circling Earth Proposed
as Long Distance Broadcasting Aid


The topic of this article is, in essence, the birth of the idea of launching satellites into space to allow the interrupted international broadcast of television, telephone, and telegraph communications. This article uncovered its ideas from another article, written a few months earlier by none other than Arthur C. Clarke for the magazine Wireless World.