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Fn5 in Chapter 6 has been frustrating. Yes, the last two digits of the years (64,33) were used as part of the overall Nihilist cipher spanning most of the footnotes to form the message MAC WAS JUDAS NOT TIAGO (see marginalia p236). However, the use of the years does not address the use of the name Ragnar Rummo of Estonia.

Until now?

Adam Laceky, an avid fan of “S,” noticed this: within the nihilist family of ciphers is the VIC Cipher. It uses what is called a straddling checkerboard. A key row in this encryption mechanism uses only the highest frequency letters: ESTONIA and R. And there it is: Estonia and Ragnar Rummo – emphasis on the R.

This is an amazing find (thank you, Adam!). It does not yet give us the complete cipher or its solution, but it seems a giant leap for Strakian kind. Perhaps this is enough for the cryptanalyst in you to crack the code?