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On pp85-86, we find Desjardins’ cryptic letter to Eric that came In a package that also included documents (none of which we have access to) and an obsidian piece. Eric is excited about the obsidian piece, but Jen cautions him that it probably should be in one of the Straka Archives around he world – most likely Paris. Eric responds…


I’m On p86, Eric and Jen shift the conversation…

I could put one dot on any page of this book and you’d notice it. 

LIKE ON P. 319

Indeed there is a red dot on p319. To the left and below that dot, on p318, we see that Jen mentions she has to write a worthless paper on “Rain” – the poem by William Carlos Williams (see p232 marginalia for confirmation of WCW’s version of “Rain.”)

Rain is mentioned in both locations. Perhaps it is simply atmospheric. Perhaps there is a different reason Jen placed the red dot on p319 and mentioned it on p86 to see if Eric could find it. Or perhaps we are being subtly drawn to the idea of water falling.

WCW’s Rain focuses on water falling and compares it to falling in love. Compare this to the final known written words of Filomela Caldeira in her note to Eric and Jen (see the insert between pp416-417).

It is my fondest
wish that this note finds you both
happy, healthy, and falling

With that in mind, remember S’s leap from the cave with Corbeau on pp197-198…

They are falling, they are falling, they are falling….

The way out was down.  Is down.

We are being led on a journey that begins at the water and proceeds…down, apparently.  Into the Maelstrom…