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In the seventh footnote of the seventh chapter of “S”, FXC mentions seven candidates that Straka may have used to create his description of the pouting sailor. The footnote has 56 words (7×8). It’s on page 266 (7x19x2). FXC says “Allow me to prime the pump” – seven is a prime number.

The seventh word of the Fn is Straka.

This page also gives us the seventh appearance of the monkey. Here are those appearances in order…

  1. The monkey spots S as he walks by the organ grinder and tone-deaf immigrant (8-9)
  2. S spots the monkey as he is about to pass out after being drugged and says Run, monkey. Run. (24-25)
  3. The monkey is rescued from the ghost ship and come’s aboard the xebec (54-56).
  4. The monkey flees the approaching waterspouts and goes down the hatch (62).
  5. S spots the monkey on the resurrected xebec after his leap from the cave (200-201).
  6. S hears the monkey laugh after Maelstrom explains to S that he will willingly return from El H__ after he disembarks (219-220).
  7. The monkey runs circles around the female sailor (266-267).

What do all these sevens mean? Surely it points to another code or message? What do you think?