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Below are details culled from Ship of Theseus that provide details about B– and its surrounding area that might help us discover its name and location. Please add your own additional details in the comments and perhaps we can discover B– together.

  • It is in a country with a capital city far away, accessible by train. (130)
  • It is a “modest burg” (73)
  • The country has a prince (152)
  • It is on an Eastern shoreline close to a mountainous region. Our fugitives head south out of B– toward G– (123) and when they later look northward, the coastline is to their right (151-152)
  • It is has a strong French influence. The newspaper refers to Pfeifer and Ostrero as Messrs. (119). Corbeau’s family is one of the oldest in the city of B–. (89)
  • The port town of G–, an 8 to 9-day walk to the south (123), is nestled inside a range of mountains shaped like a horseshoe that the fugitives must climb over from the other side (148).
  • It is south of where Stenfalk is grew up, probably Sweden – stenfalk is Swedish for merlin (145).
  • Flora: white oak, wild apple tree, pine, aspen, linden, hornbeam, silver birch, silver fir
  • Fauna: pine marten, chamois, jackdaw, vulture, blackscabbard fish, tree creeper, squirrels, chipmunks, fox, hawk, deer, bat, horse
  • Geology: granite, limestone suitable for a vast network of caves
  • Climate: capable of a light frost in late October
  • Available foods: licorice, salami, beer cheese, cranberry
  • A source of a major world conflict instigated by Agent#4.