On p352, “S” leaves the canoe in The Territory to find the Governor. He doesn’t know how  to do that, so Anca tells him simply Follow the monkey.

Jen Heyward’s response to this in the margins is Sound advice.

Compare this to S’s reunion with the monkey on p401 after his stay in The Winter City. Sola takes S to the chart room on the resurrected ship where they find the monkey asleep beneath the table. S comments It’s as if the thing is following me.

Sola responds Or you’re following it.

And then the text says something curious about Sola.

Though he cannot see her face, she sounds as if she is smiling.

So there it is again. “Follow the monkey” followed by an interesting use of the word sound.

Immediately after this comment, Sola picks up a scrap of paper and hands it to S, announcing Our map.

In both of these cases where following the monkey seems very important, we are given seeming clues that sound is involved followed by the discovery of a path/map to follow.

Oh, and just to point out one more interesting tidbit, in the margins on p401 as all of the above is happening, Jen mentions calling Jacob. In Hebrew, Jacob means to follow.