When S and Corbeau reach the end of their long, running escape through the cave, they stare out at the ocean below and ponder their fate. And our familiar mystery phrase makes once of its rare appearances in the book…

What begins at the water shall end there, and what ends there shall once more begin.

The Detectives arrive behind them, and they make four statements. Curiously, all four of these utterances can be connected to the theme the end.

  1. Stop where you are. The word STOP in a telegraph marked the end of the sentence since there were no punctuation marks.
  2. This is the end of the line. Enough said.
  3. &^@^%%! Reds! Red is the color at the end of the visible spectrum of light.
  4. That’s so sweet! Etymologically, sweet comes from the word for pleasure/hedonism.

    The doctrine of Aristippus and the Cyrenaic school of Greek philosophers, that the pleasure of the moment is the only possible end…

The emphasis on the end seems well-crafted. The question is, how does this puzzle piece fit into the overall mystery?