About Mystimus

I am a huge fan of LOST and of “S”

This blog is about “S” and evolving thoughts on the solution to its mysteries.

If you are interested, I also have a blog about LOST that delves deeply into its many mysteries: LOST: Australia is the Key to the Whole Game and reveals the meaning behind the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

My name is Brian Shipman. I live in Midlothian, TX. I am the husband of an amazing wife and father to two incredible children. I am the CIO of Heritage Auctions (a fascinating place to work). I am also an author of several Christian inspirational works.

You can reach me at mystimus@gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “About Mystimus”

  1. I’m new to trying to unlock the mysteries of “S” and to this website. But has anyone else noticed the link between the movies Jen and Eric put in the margins and what’s going on in the book (both the story and the margin story)? Anything more to that than just foreshadowing and parallels?

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