3 thoughts on “Walkthroughs”

  1. Jess Jones said:

    I have just finished this book and am left wondering why FXC is Filomena but the death notice refers to a ‘he’, is this a ploy to put people off the trail of Filomena or what?

    • All the world, including the best Straka scholars, made the assumption that FXC was a man – Eric Husch included. So FXC kept the ruse going when she faked her death. It was Jennifer Hayward alone who figured out that FXC was a woman (p29).

  2. Jess Jones said:

    Thank you for this, that is what I reckoned. I did go back through the book but must have missed the crucial pages! It is a fascinating book and if I had a lifetime, I would read and re-read again, each time finding something new.

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