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If the EOTVOS Wheel is the key to decoding the puzzles in Coriolis, then there are some conclusions we can draw…

  1. There are still at least two unknown encoded messages in the wheel (it is the key to decoding the puzzles in Coriolis)
  2. Since the Chapter 10 Cipher was solved using the EOTVOS Wheel, then this means that the original message was encoded into the wheel prior to the writing and release of Ship of Theseus. The solution to the Chapter 10 cipher is I HAVE LOVED YOU FROM THE BEGINNING. I WILL LOVE YOU TO THE END. The implication until now has been that FXC enciphered this message to VMS in the Chapter 10 footnotes of Ship of Theseus. However, if this message was already encoded into the wheel when Coriolis was written, and it was the key to solving ciphers in that text, then it seems that the message was actually encoded by VMS and not by FXC. Perhaps FXC’s Chapter 10 footnotes are not encoding her message to him, but decoding his message to her and she is revealing to him that she discovered it. The marginalia on p433 supports this, indicating that, finally, in the Chapter 10 footnotes FXC is disciplined and truthful in her statements and that the reason for this deviation from her previous methods was “her secret” or maybe even “our secret.”

Did V. M. Straka tell Filomela Caldeira that he loved her, and then reveal that message to her in some way that she discovered?