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Sola appears to be cloaking her identity (intentionally?) throughout Ship of Theseus. This presents an interesting counterpoint to S’s situation: S is searching for his lost identity, while Sola appears to be concealing her known identity.

Here are clues that seem to indicate this. Please discuss your own observations in the comments…

  • She goes by different names (Sola, Szalome, Samar)
  • She costumes herself as a man in El H__
  • She changes roles repeatedly
    • Wealthy traveler on the liner Imperia, appearing as a casual reader in the tavern
    • Factory worker in B__
    • Part of the resistance in El H__
    • Companion to The Lady on Obsidian Island
    • Traveler on a ship like S’s
    • She is the girl in the century-old picture in El H__. And Khatef Zelh, when describing Samar, describes at least six separate roles she was known to have possibly played. Is it because she played all of them and different people are describing the Samar that they knew at the time?
  • She somehow seems to keep up with S’s valise in an undercover manner.
    • Someone seems to have obtained Stenfalk’s valise between B__ and G__. S left it at the base of the limestone wall but notices that the agents don’t have it when they arrest and murder Stenfalk. Sola was last seen in B__. Did she follow the group and recover the valise?
    • After S receives what appears to be the same valise in El H__, he is stripped of it briefly by a would-be assassin. Sola returns it to him, costumed as a man.
    • Sola recovers the valise that S left in The Territory after his encounter with the Governor and returns it to him in The Winter City.
    • Sola ensures that all of S’s supplies in the valise are in order before he takes it to Vevoda’s chateau.
  • She somehow seems to be aware of and secretly spying on and/or working against Vevoda before S even knows who Vevoda is.
    • She is in the tavern in the Old Quarter, appearing to casually read a book but probably watching one of Vevoda’s agents/detectives who is there taking notes. (16)
    • She secures a job in Vevoda’s factory under the name Szalome, doing some sort of book work that Pfeifer didn’t think needed done before. (116)
    • She leads S to the two detectives next to the Central Power plant so that he can witness the bomb exchange. (100)
    • She (probably?) is the one who rescues Stenfalk’s valise from the posse of detectives. (172)
    • She obtains the map to Vevoda’s chateau, along with the intelligence about the gala nine months away and find’s S in the Winter City in order to help him confront Vevoda and write the ending. (401-402)
  • She and S both conceal their identities together while on Vevoda’s estate as they prepare to confront him and his guests.

Is Sola concealing her identity? If so, why? And why conceal it from even S, as in El H__ when she is costumed as a man when returning the valise? What are your thoughts?