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All of Agent #4’s travels seem to occur just prior to major conflict in that area. It appears that the Agents of Vevoda are tasked with being an instigator or at least a catalyst to conflict in order to drive sales for Vevoda.

For example, Agent #41 (see p324)

  • He sent one of S’s wharf-rat confederates plummeting into a gorge (O, poetry!). (B–. October, 1906). See p175.
  • He torched the library at Leuven. (Leuven, Belgium. August, 1914)
  • He sold the Japanese on the Mukden plan. (Mukden – now Shenyang – China. September, 1931)
  • He has performed dozens of S-dispatches, spanning three decades.

It’s safe to conclude that all of the Agents may have travelled in order to ensure conflict that would drive sales of the Black Vine.

In addition to all of the sightings of Agent#4 we are about to examine, we know for certain that he was part of the conspiracy to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914 (see pp299-304). He was in Sarajevo shortly before the assassination, sitting in Schiller’s Delicatessen, urging a member of the conspiracy to get the job done. He then boarded a train for Budapest, where he met his untimely demise at the hands of S and his bottle of plum rakija.

With this in mind, let’s analyze the other known locations of Agent #4 and the potential conflicts he may have had a role in birthing. See pp261-262.

  • Danzig – Berlin, October, 1908. This particular notation relates to the photograph itself on the back of which the locations are written. Agent#4 is traveling from Danzig to Berlin, Germany. It was in Berlin in October 1908 that the Bosnian Crisis began. We can safely conclude that Agent #4 was there to ensure this crisis occurred.
  • Tangier, June 1905. The First Moroccan Crisis began in Tangier, Morocco in March of 1905 and peaked in mid-June of the same year, likely thanks to our friendly agent.
  • B—, October 1906. We have yet to discover the location of B—, but it seems clear that Agent #4 was present to ensure that the bomb provocation incident on the wharf (a plan the other agents knew about for days – see p104) took place. See p100-101 for S’s eyewitness account of Agent #4 handing the bomb to the Agent in the boiler suit, followed by p261 when S recognizes him as Agent #4 from the photograph.
  • Los Angeles, December 1910. The Magonista Rebellion surged after the release of The Magon brothers from a Los Angeles jail in 1910. Their rebellion, centered at this time from Los Angeles, is considered a large spark which began the Mexican Revolution.
  • Tripoli, September 1911. The Italo-Turkish War began in September, 1911, beginning as the Italian Fleet arrived at Tripoli and began bombing the port.
  • Salonika, March 1912. Salonika, today known as Thessaloniki, is the capital of Macedonia. In 1912, Greece, Bulgaria, and Serbia abandoned their then differences with Macedonia and formed a coalition against the Ottoman Empire. This helped spark the First Balkan War, in which Thessaloniki had to surrender in October, 1912.
  • Sarajevo – June 28, 1914. Agent #4 is a conspirator in the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, igniting World War I.
  • Budapest, June 28, 1914. Agent #4’s lifeless body arrives on the train.

We can conclude then, that wherever B— is/was and whatever happened there in and shortly after October, 1906, was a major conflict – or simply Vevoda protecting his “venal self interests.”